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Superstar of the Old West, Hollywood, and beyond. You’ve seen them in the TV Westerns and on the big screen. They are such a major part of our history and culture that many of us may just take them for granted and hardly notice any more. That’s not just a figure of speech, but an actual allusion to the frontier six shooter that settled us from the lawlessness of the late 19th century into these modern times. If you’ve been to New Mexico in recent times, you’ll notice that it’s a lot safer and more mild than it was in the s, when lawless violence was commonplace. That’s why it’s nicknamed the “Peacemaker. As Samuel Colt used to say; “God made them all. Colt makes them equal.

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With this order, the Hand Ejector Model became known as the. Barrel lengths were 4, 5, 6, and 6. Heat treatment of cylinders began in The ejector rod is free-standing, without the under-barrel latch of later models The lockwork of the first model differed substantially from subsequent versions.

Jul 19,  · What you have is a COLT MA1TM (rollmarked on the left side if the slide, and SERIES 80 on the right side), Colt resumed the serial number range of the MA1 where the original military MA1s serial numbers ended.

Edit Army with fluted Cylinder and 7. The goal was to make use of silver spring steel of controlled carbon content and greater strength, but the thinned cylinder proved inadequate and sometimes exploded. Some shoulder stocks were also hollow on the inside and intended to be used as canteens and were, unsurpringly, called “canteen stocks. The United States Navy ordered fluted cylinder revolvers in May later issued to ships enforcing the Atlantic and Gulf blockade.

United States Army orders also began in May, and , had been delivered before a 5 October fire put Colt’s factory out of operation for the duration of hostilities. Modern replicas are made by many manufacturers, some of which have steel frames and some of which have brass frames.

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Colt Single Action Army LC (C) $2, Colt Single Action Army LC caliber revolver. Manufactured Serial numbers are matching.

He told me it was in nice condition. Well, I gotta tell ya, I was interested! The last time I had one of those early Colt swing out cylinder models was when I was a kid. My dad gave me a well used to practice double action shooting. At that time it was no big deal to get thirty eight long or short Colt ammunition. I, however, have always enjoyed reloading my own ammunition. Loading 38 Colt ammunition was always fun for me. Always shot that Colt for several years until I pretty much wore it out.

I thought it would be nice to have another Colt in my collection; just for old time sake. My old was, as I recall, was in the middle one hundred thousand range. After getting the Colt home I looked up the serial range for the models.

A Look at the U.S. Army Model Revolver

TonysTake Who owns Colt now? I remember controlling interest in some firearms companies were bought by George Soros connected companies. Accounting troubles sounds a bit fishy. Maybe we will see a resurgence of their revolvers if either of those two pick them up as that is a market neither has entered. Corporate hollow men interested in the bottom line.

Your colt was made in judging from your serial number,,the finish may be a course black instead of the common blued finish and may have a flaking. THE COLT PYTHON ‘I’ FRAME. In the history of modern double action American handguns, the Colt Python revolver stands above all others.

Another possibility and one I’m starting to think is most likely is that your example is from I know you said the box is marked RSS5 but perhaps that’s an error. You have wood grip panels so it could also be an RSS5W. Either way it would be a pretty scarce example and this is one time it would be a good idea to contact Ruger customer service and request a letter that would nail down exactly what model you have and what year it was shipped. It may have been shipped originally as an RSS5W non-convertible and the magnum cylinder was fitted later.

This was fairly common back in that era and something the factory was willing to do then for a modest fee thereby giving the Single Six owner the convertible option.

How to Decode a Serial Number on an S&W

Even though Springfield Armory used a two-piece firing pin and other slight design alterations, the was in fact a Mauser design and this resulted in the U. By January, over , rifles produced. Due to inconsistent heat treatments, low numbered receivers Springfield Armory below , and Rock Island Arsenal below , should NEVER be fired under any circumstances because of the risk of serious injury or death.

Toward the end of WWI. A cut in the left side of the receiver and stock were added to accommodate the Pederson Device semi-auto. The M A2 is a stripped A1 or A3 used as a sub- caliber rifle in artillery pieces.

Feb 17,  · Colt Firearm Serial Number Lookup This is a discussion on Colt Firearm Serial Number Lookup within the Guns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Colt has recently added a great feature, allowing you to look up your Colt firearm by entering the serial number.

Made by Colt for the U. Serial number is Comes with original case and outer box. Mint condition with box and outer box. Comes with a factory letter and paperwork. Mint condition with box. Mint condition in the case with outer box as well. Gun comes with factory letter confirming all features. Beautiful mint condition gun that is factory engraved. This is the Presidential Edition and is serial number Comes with original case and outer box as well as paperwork and factory letter.

Comes in case with a flask.

Colt Thunderer Antique Revolver $

A lot of us on the forum really enjoy helping folks identify and age firearms. People often come here with an old inherited revolver and would like to know more about it, when it was made, history, etc. Always interesting, sometimes, these threads reveal hidden gems and treasures. To help us help you, please use as many of the following guidelines as possible: Details, Details, Details — Give us as much information as possible. How many shots, swing out cylinder, top break, etc.?

* Any guns above serial number are considered to be modern under the Firearms Laws. Colt Model were manufactured in the following caliber’s: 22, 32, , 38 COLT, , 44 Russian, Frontier, 45 Colt, Boxer, Enfield, Enfield.

ALL factory applied markings are present: Amongst all this wonderful aged perfection, this is only one issue. The right grip has some damage, there is no rhyme or reason why? Just scratches, an unknown reason why? These scratches are from the ‘s, and have darkened with age. An incredible Colt, years old and to be in this condition. Suitable for the finest of collections, or just as a Colt Model Police with outstanding quality. This Model was manufactured simultaneously, and numbered in the same serial range as the Police.

The popularity of this model was very high, as it offered the. Despite this, VERY few can be found on the collectors market today, they are seldom encountered and when they are, mostly in heavily worn condition. One other important reason for their scarcity in original format was the cannibalization for making them into Cartridge conversions!

Woodsman Dates of Production

The M ‘s early double-action mechanism proved to be both intricate and delicate, and thus prone to breakage. The design had a reputation for failure and earned the nickname “the gunsmith’s favorite”. Because of the intricate design and difficulty of repair, gunsmiths to this day dislike working on them.

Mar 10,  · So someone i know has a old colt, 5 shot ball & cap revolver that he was wondering what the date was on said he looked around a bit but couldnt really find anything.

Background Although large numbers of commercial holsters were manufactured and sold, the commercially manufactured holsters for the pistols are difficult to find these days and the reasons for this are quite simple: Also, commercial holsters were generally not as well made as the military holsters, therefore they deteriorated rapidly. Abercrombie and Fitch dealt with two firms who produced their holsters: Heiser of Denver, Colorado out of business and K. The surviving holsters are even more so.

The article layout is presented as information and items were located and identified. The belt loop has come apart from the back of the holster and is included for an easy repair. This holster needs restoration by a leather expert. This item came with our item AE and is now being offered separately. The retailer, in the above holster description, makes a curious statement or claim that:

Where is a list of dates and serial numbers for SW revolvers

Authored by Staff Writer. When the Americans formally entered World War 1 in , they lacked much in the way of viable fighting equipment and this included stores of viable military small arms. The United States Army had already adopted the semi-automatic, repeating Colt M pistol designed by John Browning but needed to shore up war-time limitations even when various manufacturers had already committed to production of the M Both firms naturally accepted the government contract and each went on to produce slightly different versions of the gun based on each firm’s own respective civilian types.

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Firearms folk had been hankering for a slim, single-stack, Tenifer-coated, easily-concealable nine since, well, late in the first Clinton administration. But Smyrna and their Teutonic overlords had other plans. In their judgement, what America really needed was a slim, single-stack, Tenifer-coated, easily-concealable. As the teaser ad claimed, the only other thing smaller than the G42 that fires every time is a freaking Zippo lighter.

But more on reliability later. A funny thing happened on the way to the clearance bin. When people actually got their hands on the new packable pistol, most were seriously impressed. People like me with small hands loved the feel of the gun. And — whaddaya know? Maybe not everyone was as disappointed as it seemed. And unlike some of its similarly-chambered competitors, being a GLOCK, it ships from the factory with a reputation for quality and reliability.

Two rather important features everyone wants in their carry gun, no matter the caliber. It looks kinda like they tossed a G19 in a dryer, turned it up to eleven and shrunk the hell out of it.

When Was My Gun Made Firearm Dates by Serial Number

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Colt Model Army Caliber Serial Numbers by Year. Year: Serial Number Start: 1:

Serial number tells us nothing. Every manufacturer uses their own numbering and typically do not publish info about serial numbers. Brand and model might help, or just ask local guitar dealer. I suspect it would be approx years old. Can I buy an instrument from Washburn directly? Washburn has used many serial number Sammick guitar factory in Indonesia SI.

The first 1 or 2 numbers indicate the year of manufacture, so without knowing the

Colt Python revolver made in 1956

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