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This is a unique, earnest, and funny coming-of-age story about Sundquist’s experiences as a cancer survivor, amputee, Paralympic ski racer, and motivational speaker. Readers will appreciate the humorous and often embarrassingly accurate tales depicted in the pages of this book. Anyone who’s felt awkward will alternately or simultaneously wince and burst out laughing at his earnest misadventures with stalkers, “Close Fast Dancing” and flow charts Funny, sympathetic and poignant, Sundquist’s memoir has a high probability of success. I loved it so much I bought ten copies to give to my friends and family! I loved it so much. An Analog Memoir””” “Sundquist has written a compelling memoir, to which teens will be able to relate, as it probes the universal insecurities of teen dating. Readers familiar with Sundquist’s website and YouTube channel will be a natural audience for this. From a disastrous putt-putt date to just general, suffusing awkwardness, Josh who grew up to be a Paralympic ski racer discovers that revisiting the past can be both embarrassing and enlightening. This is a unique, earnest, and funny coming-of-age story about Sundquist’s experiences.


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Dating is basically the worst. I like to think that I bring some attractive qualities to the table. I’m smart, I’m geeky, I’m funny, I’m musical– I consider myself a fairly interesting person.

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I listened to this on eAudiobook read by Josh through Overdrive and I couldn’t have imagined a better way to experience it. I was laughing out loud and I felt his every emotion as I desperately wanted him to just go for it!!! This is a romantic comedy just begging to be made. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone I quite enjoyed reading about his experiences whether I was able to relate to them or not and was emotionally gratified by his self-reflection.

Though at times awkward, this book is a good reminder that it’s always good to be able to laugh at ourselves. A great read if you want to commiserate and eat a lot of ice cream while reading this when you’re single, too! It talks about how Josh has never had a real girlfriend before so he decides to figure out why. It ended with having a great meaning be hide it, that he couldn’t get a girlfriend because he was letting the fact that he was an amputee get in his way.

It has a great message out being yourself and being happy with that. This book was a real page turner for me and I really enjoyed it. Like bhmwortman Apr 26, I’m an occasional viewer of Josh’s YouTube channel and being less than successful in the romantic realm myself, I figured his newest book would be an interesting and relevant read.

I was more than right.

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Refresh and try again. Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars This is one of those books that just keeps you holding your breath until the end, honestly! While parts of it remind me of Avatar:

Another one of my favorite comedians tackles the topic of dating in the twenty-first century. Though this book is indeed hilarious, it’s thought-provoking as well! We Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh Sundquist. Attending Brett’s cousin’s wedding. We got all snazzy and danced the night away!

We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarassingly, A True Story Plot overview and analysis written by an experienced literary critic. Full study guide for this title currently under development. To be notified when we launch a full study guide, please contact us. Embarassingly, A True Story Summary SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics.

Embarrassingly, A True Story is a collection of introspective, and humorous, self-examination essays by Josh Sundquist.

Josh sundquist dating cousin

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We Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh Sundquist written by Eli April 10, A bright, poignant, and deeply funny autobiographical account of coming of age as an amputee cancer survivor, from Josh Sundquist: Paralympic ski racer, YouTube star, and motivational speaker. Josh Sundquist only ever had one girlfriend. Why was Josh still single? To find out, he tracked down the girls he had tried to date and asked them straight up: Some YA authors struggle with writing angst and awkwardness, or fail to point out the hilarity in it all.

And especially as a teenager. I know a lot of people that I would recommend this book to, most of them close friends of mine. It says that sometimes you should just go for it, and moments can be weirdly beautiful. This story is honest, relatable, funny and ultimately hopeful. The little illustrations were awesome as well.


We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly, a true story by Josh Sundquist Synopsis Josh Sundquist embarks on a scientific study to reveal why he is so un-datable. In this study, he questions girls who he has previously either had a crush on or nearly dated.

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At the time, I was actually under the impression that I was in a relationship, so this bit of news came as something of a shock. Why was Josh still single? To find out, he tracked down each of the girls he had tried to date since middle school and asked them straight up: The results of Josh’s semiscientific investigation are in your hands.

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Ebook isn’t available in your country X This ebook is available in the following countries: He is 25 years old and lives in the Washington, DC area. One moment Josh Sundquist was your typical energetic and inquisitive nine year- old boy. The next, his entire life changed when he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a particularly virulent cancer strain that would eventually claim Josh’s left leg.

Told in a wide-eyed, winning, heartbreaking voice, Just Don’t Fall is the story of the boy Josh was and of the young man he became. His story begins in a small, close-knit Southern town, where his father-an aspiring pastor questioning his faith, and his mother– homeschooling an ever- growing brood of children-struggle to make ends meet. Josh journeys through a dizzying array of hospitals and eventually lands at a pivotal place: It is on the slopes, and later, on the race course, that Josh’s world bursts wide open in a way no one could have ever anticipated.

The inspiration to ski, however, and to become a champion, is not all that Josh has to contend with- there is adolescence to navigate, the transition from homeschool to public high school, and girls. There is an increasingly turbulent and difficult home life, with another cancer scare, a wayward brother, and dwindling finances to pay for training. Finally, there is the wild, bumpy road to the Paralympics in Turin, with a misanthropic coach, training in the Rockies, and a timeless friendship with a charismatic, imposing Brooklyn homeboy named Ralph.

Through it all, Josh is forced to question his abilities, his sanity, his will, his faith in himself, and his faith in God. Because of, not despite, these myriad obstacles in his path, Josh is able to achieve a genuine grace: It is the grace of a young boy becoming a man and of a champion realizing his greatest dream.

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