How to Hook Up a Car Stereo


We are specialist in offering a variety of San Diego car stereo and audio systems. Custom color wheels are available. More Details Performance Suspension We carry a large selection of performance suspension upgrades by these trusted manufacturers: More Details Exhaust Systems We offer bolt on performance cat back exhaust systems, mufflers, tips and headers to ensure that you get the exact sound you want out of your car. Just like all the reviews said, Ahmad took care of me and did a great job. He told me what parts I needed and also gave me the choice of a level control optional. Turns out, my system slaps waaaay too hard on some songs i. Ahmad had a great attitude and made me feel right at home. The guys in the garage definitely know what they’re doing!

CD stuck in my Car CD playerPlease help

The one you choose to use depends on the features your car stereo has. You may be able to spot the audio jack on or near the stereo. Some vehicles like the Honda CRV have an audio jack in the center console in between the front right and left seats. You can use a simple 3.

Feb 22,  · The same way you would hook up home speakers to your computer through a reciever. You need to buy a cord that will convert the headphone jack that comes out of your pc to the rca cords that your reciever takes.

How Do Speakers Work? Speakers are air pistons that move back on the negative cycle of the signal and forth on the positive cycle , creating different degrees of air pressure at different frequencies. The amplifier either separate or built-in your radio , produces electrical impulses that alternate from positive and negative voltages AC. This current reaches the voice coil inside the speaker, creating an electro-magnet that will either be repelled, or attracted by the fixed magnet at the bottom of the speaker.

The voice coil is attached to the cone, moving it back and forth, creating sound. The surround rubbery circle that joins top of the cone and metal basket and the spider usually yellow corrugated circle joining bottom of cone to magnet make the cone return to its original position. Speaker Sensitivity, measured in dB, is how loud a speaker plays usually 1 Watt, 1 meter. A higher Sensitivity rating means that the speaker will play louder using the same power as a speaker with a lower rating.

The back and front parts of the speaker should be isolated from each other. When the front of the cone is pushing air, the bottom is pulling air, creating a canceling effect. Ideally every speaker should be in an enclosure. If you are mounting a speaker in a big hole, make sure you build a panel to isolate the front and back of the speaker baffle. Imaging And Staging Imaging is being able to pick certain sounds from certain places.

The singer would normally be located towards the middle of the car, in a car audio installation, guitars, trumpets, and other instruments towards the sides of the car, in a car audio installation.

Converting speaker wire to RCA

Most receivers have either preamp-in and preamp-out connections or tape monitor connections. In most cases, these are the best way to connect an equalizer to your stereo. Connecting to the tape monitor channels will require connection to only your receiver. Learn how to hook up an equalizer to the receiver instead. To run a signal from your stereo receiver to the equalizer and then to your amplifier, you will need 2 sets of RCA cable the same kind that is usually used to connect source components like turntables and CD players.

The Source simply isn’t up to the task and if you don’t add an amplifier, the money spent on better speakers for better sound is not as effective. Powering a subwoofer — Subwoofers require much more power than the typical speakers in a vehicle.

Speakers in Parallel Calculator Simple Calculation for Speakers in Parallel If all the speakers in parallel have the same impedance, then the calculation is easy. Simply divide the impedance by the number of speakers in parallel. Four 8 ohm speakers in parallel: Two 4 ohms speakers in parallel: Not so Simple Calculations for Speakers in Parallel For calculations involving speakers in parallel with different impedance, the following formula is required it can be used with speakers of similar impedances too.

Simply type the impedance of each speaker into the white boxes of the appropriate calculator. The total impedance for those speakers connected in parallel will be calculated. Also for each speaker is a calculated percentage. Power sharing is a consideration when using speakers with different impedance. These calculators will help you understand the total speaker load on your HiFi amplifier.

For a better understanding of this and what to do about it, read the articles How do I Connect Multiple Speakers to my HiFi Amplifier and How to wire four HiFi speakers or How to connect 2 speakers to one amplifier or watch the video in the article Understanding Speaker Impedance. They are not used when building your own speaker boxes and connecting multiple speakers in a cabinet using a crossover circuit.

How do I hook up subwoofer to PC

Trim panel removal tool Step 1: Installing the 12v Power Wire In your amplifier wiring kit, generally a red in color wire is the longest one, which is the 12v power wire. You need to pass the wire through the firewall. Start from the battery and pass on to the amplifier.

Many options are available to connect your iPod to your car stereo. Back on September 7, , Apple reported that approximately 30% of new cars sold in the US in would offer seamless integration with the iPod, and that number has been steadily increasing since then.

It can also be experienced in the car. What makes this possible are digital signal processors that automatically adjust to the format that is being played whether it is Dolby, Dolby Digital, DTS or some other format. The processors also include a parametric, paragraphic or graphic equalizer. In a surround sound system the data is transmitted in the digital domain. Commonly, the source unit is a DVD player. The speaker system is set up similar to the front stage-rear fill but also includes a center channel—a midrange speaker and tweeter—which are installed in the center of the dashboard.

The size of the midrange speaker should be the same as the midrange speakers in the doors or kick panels.

Hook Up Your Own Subs: How to Install Speakers in Your Car

August 12, at 4: I had issue where iphone 6 was not connecting with my Subaru forester. I deleted car media from iphone and pair it using the voice command instead using menu button. Now it works fine and connects automatically. August 15, at 3: Now the only problem I have now is that Caller ID is not displaying on my dashboard.

Jun 09,  · Best Answer: like what i said on your first question,, what type of car have you got? due to some makes of cars that dont have rear speakers, but some have already speaker cables wired to the rear of the car,, all you have to do is find them and hook them up your new speakersStatus: Resolved.

Easy Cable Stripper Click on the images for a larger view The first thing you’ll need to do is to cut the wire to the length you need. If you’re running the wire behind the wall, do so before attaching the banana plugs. When you have the correct length of wire, pull one end away to give yourself room to work. Using the wire stripper place the cutting edge about 2 inches away from the end of the cable.

Let the force of the arm on the stripper put pressure on the cable and then spin the stripper around the cable a few times to cut the outer jacket. With the jacket being cut, simply slide the jacket off the end of the wire. This will expose the two inner wires. Also, remove the wire stripper.

how can I hook up 10 speakers to my 4 channel car amplifier

Automotive wiring in a Dodge Ram vehicles are becoming increasing more difficult to identify due to the installation of more advanced factory oem electronics. One of the most time consuming tasks with installing an after market car stereo, car radio, satellite radio, xm radio, car speakers, tweeters, car subwoofer, crossovers, audio equalizer, car amplifier, mobile amp, car amplifier, mp3 player, ipod or any car audio electronics is identifying the correct color car audio wires for your Dodge Ram The Modified Life staff has taken all its Dodge Ram car radio wiring diagrams, Dodge Ram car audio wiring diagrams, Dodge Ram car stereo wiring diagrams, Dodge Ram car radio wiring schematics, Dodge Ram car wiring diagrams and cataloged them online for use by our visitors for free.

Our automotive wiring diagrams allow you to enjoy your new mobile electronics rather than spend countless hours trying to figure out which wires goes to which Dodge Ram part or component. Use of the Dodge Ram wiring information is at your own risk. Always verify all wires, wire colors and diagrams before applying any information found here to your Dodge Ram

To do so, connect a set of RCA cables to the head unit’s preamp outputs. Tape the RCA cables together to prevent them from separating. Run the RCA cables through the dash to the equalizer and connect them to the EQ inputs.

If you still can’t connect, contact Apple Support. Try a different Lightning to USB cable. Update your iOS device. Install any firmware updates for your car stereo. Try playing audio from a different app. If you can’t play audio from a third-party app, contact the app developer for help. If you can’t play audio from an Apple app, contact Apple Support.

Some features like turn-by-turn navigation aren’t available in all regions. Learn more about how to set up and use CarPlay. If your car supports wireless CarPlay, press and hold the Voice Control button on your steering wheel to set up CarPlay. Or make sure that your car is in wireless or Bluetooth pairing mode. See the owner’s guide for your car for more information. Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement.

Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products.

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Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. The only way you can put more speakers in your car is by adding a 4 channel amplifier. Depending on the head unit you have. If it is a stock system,you probably will not have RCA inputs.

Mar 15,  · My freind is planning on hooking up a set of car audio speakers to a sony receiver he is planning on getting. But as far as i knew doing that would overdraw the receiver and probally fry it. An onther guy i work with said he daisy chained speakers together to bring up the ohms but i .

I’ve had friends run Kove 12″s, 4 doors and 2 tweeters off a 5 channel amp before. I doubt it got the sub to it’s RMS rating, but it sounded pretty good and got the job done, I just wouldn’t recommend it like that. I want to amp my tweeters and 6X9’s and my sub, different amps for the subs and speakers I don’t understand how you do it because the speakers have to be hooked up to the head unit right??

The power lead connects from the amp positive terminal to your battery – you will have to route the leads under your carpet. The earth goes from your amp to a suitable earth i. The remote wire will run from your amp should be labelled remote on amp connection to the remote on the back of your headunit – this is almost certainly a blue wire and shouldnt be connected to anything else the remote tells the amp when to switch off.

However, your passengers won’t like it, but who cares about them? Your remote wire carries power just like your power wire.

how do i amp 4 speakers and sub do i need an amp for each

Speakers Clint DeBoer Speaker Impedance Rating Explained That speaker impedance rating on your towers and bookshelf speakers is held up as a mystery—something strange and mystic, yet dangerous. The bottom line is that people are confused about speaker impedance. Speaker Impedance Defined I think the easiest way to define speaker impedance is to say that it is the resistance any speaker gives to the current and voltage being applied to it. In a nutshell, a loudspeaker is a big resister—a really cool one.

Speaker impedance changes based on the frequency of the signal fed into it.

How do i connect my second hand creature speakers to my xbox and samsung lcd tv? i don’t have the audio input lead for the speakers? I have a pos and neg on my surround sound speakers. i have red, white, black and green wires in the wall.

How to Install a Car Amp Correctly installing an amplifier is not particularly easy, but it is an important part of getting a quality sound and avoiding technical mishaps. Installing an amp can be done without the help of a professional, allowing you to get great sound without an installation fee. Steps 1 Mount your amplifier on a solid surface that will not conduct electricity.

In other words, do not mount it on a metal surface. Make sure you know how to reactivate your radio before doing this, if your radio has a security system. You can put it through an empty rubber grommet in a factory hole. If there is no available hole, use a power drill and steel bits to drill one. Start with a pilot hole and then work your way up to a size that will fit your wire. Paint the hole’s edges to protect against rust.

Put a rubber grommet in the hole to keep the wire from chaffing.


A car battery gives 12 volts, so does your PSU. If your amp uses more than around watts you’ll want to use multiple molex connectors, because a single gauge wire might not be able to hold all the charge needed for the entire amp, causing it to heat up and possibly melt. There is a method to the madness; if you unplug all your drives and your video card, you should be able trace all the wires back to 2 or 3 bunches unless you have a modular PSU, in which I’m not sure how this would work , you’ll want to connect the amp to as many bunches as you can.

This way you’re effectively dividing the charge on each wire and sometimes making it easier on your PSU , if it works correctly. If you do two or more connectors on a particular bunch, your not gaining much because the charge will still have to go through the single wires that come out of the PSU, which is what you’re trying to avoid in the first place.

Feb 01,  · I am researching car stereos for my Vienta which has six speakers. I’m happy with the speakers but the factory standard stereo needs to be replaced with something that will do .

Paul Redert Is it possible to find out which one of the 2 types of connection is supported by my car? The relevant part is in page of this PDF: I wanted to know if my car supported the other mode Apple Accessory Connection. Is there a way I can find out? CNET has an article from describing the different ways Android phones can connect to a vehicle as of , of course. While most of it will tell you what you already know, I thought their compromise solution might be applicable: When we wanted to listen to locally stored audio, we simply mounted the USB connection and used the AcuraLink receiver to browse our folders.

Likewise, a user could do the same thing with a vehicle that has an auxiliary input and a USB connection, but no Bluetooth. It’s sounding like mass storage mode might not be an option for your SGSIII, but using the Juke’s USB connection for power to offset the use of Bluetooth for media might be a way to accomplish what you want. If you’re worried about forgetting to turn off Bluetooth, you could look at ways to instruct the phone to remember for you.

My personal favorite is Tasker , and setting up simple profiles for turning on and off Bluetooth under specific conditions could be as simple as two one-line tasks.

Installing Vehicle Door Speakers: Geek Squad Autotechs

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