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By bungtje I am not good in numbers but the equation was right this time: It means triple the fun we had in Brussels, where three bands collaborated to make one damn cool song. Declerck is the Programs Officer of Jeunesses Musicales International , the organization who, hand-in-hand with World Bank Institute , organizes the competition. The competition is much fiercer and fun than the one in , when there were just 40 competitors. So, Declerck continued, it is decided to pool the musicians together and make three new groups out of it. Each group then were given the task to collaborate and compose one new song. As we walked to the studio, I found a group writing the songs beside a stereo, which blared some reggae music. Inside the studio there were two other groups:

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Raise your hands to the playa night sky and celebrate the greats. Enjoy 50 gallons of hand-crafted highly-reinforced Playa Sangria while dancing to salsa, cumbia, merengue, boricua, latin hip hop, and other juicy international beats Contact Want to join us on the playa? Or hang with us in Dolores Park? Just shoot us an email: Craziest weather in years, we had less cranky campers than expected and drank a lot of playa.

Most romantic places dating 21 struggles only understand.. The fact is that consent hip hop hook up sarakasi dome no matter how well-informed or well-intentioned is insufficient to protect against the possible mischief inherent in therapist-driven matchmaking.

WAPI is the longest serving event and community on the entertainment circuit. We started out in June , many of us can still remember that day like it was it was our birthdays. But we all knew a powerful community had been born that was going to change the face of this industry; we on that day knew that the journey had just begun. The job is not yet done, but WAPI has made lots of changes on the scene. WAPI Words and Pictures is the platform on which each and every underground artist that you may know now used to catapult themselves into your radio speaker, TV screen or cyber space.

It is the platform on which Kin Mcs were made and graffiti Icons first tagged their first wall. And the whole movement started out when the music scene was churning out bubble gum music kapuka and everybody kept asking Where is the underground? Every month for the last 5 years WAPI has congregated upcoming artists, designers, illustrators, graffiti writers, MCs, poets, skaters, fashion designers, and every other bohemian title you can find out there to meet at one place — exchange ideas, network and showcase what they have.

They have built a community of people that know each other and support each others caused. They have related in many ways but the uniting force was the culture of hip-hop.

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Hip hop Instrumental. Clown Wana Flip *w/ Hook* JayZ Dirty South FR/Dl. Peak position The Beat goes on and on. OFF The topofthe Dome. Dirty South* W*Hook* FreeDL. Peak in sub-genre # Dirty South Style W Hook BigL/MPC Live for da Funk, Die for da Funk. Peak in sub-genre #7 3 Strait up banger. Flow must be raw to fill this beat.

Composed of almost an all female cast, Fiona’s Script is a story of a shy bisexual woman and her struggles with love, friendships, and her carrier. Title character Fiona Sonia Monejano is a twenty-something year old Latina who is trying to get over the recent breakup with her long time boyfriend Sebastian Allan Lazo. For months she has been working on a screenplay but struggles to make anything of it. Feeling drained and uninspired Fiona spends most of her time reading, daydreaming, and trying to write.

Fiona receives a wake-up call when she loses her job, this pushes her and gives her enough motivation to try to make her screenplay a reality. With a bit of help and encouragement from friends Fiona makes a harder effort to make her screenplay come to life. During this time she meets a picture perfect woman and immediately starts to sense chemistry. Meeting L makes her a bit uneasy because her ex-boyfriend used to lust over her while they were together.

Fiona’s gutsy friends give her courage to hook up with L. Although Fiona battles with her emotions, later she finds clarity and makes some courageous decisions. Where to watch Fiona’s Script online:

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A year after that tape, Joyner was signed to Atlantic records and began working on his subsequent effort, , which leads us to this write up. Admittedly, I was not excited in the least to get into it given its length 83 minutes , but once I was a few tracks in, I found myself increasingly enamoured with every passing song. One of the first things that stands out about is the voicemail concept Joyner decided to go for with this album. At the end of nearly every track, a voicemail from someone in Joyners life plays, berating him for a multitude of reasons such as his gambling habits, giving unsolicited advice to children, neglecting his girlfriend on valentine’s day or even stealing from his friends.

How much of this is based in fact is up to the listener, as one of Joyners strengths is his ability to create powerful dialogues in his music.

Montego Bay, Jamaica Things to do, Attractions, Restaurants, Tours, Galleries, Spas, Parks and Golf Courses – Visitors Guide. UPDATED: Fall – Print a copy of this page and take with you to Jamaica.. Thank you for visiting our site on Montego Bay, Jamaica.

DA Truth, whose real name is Emanuel Lambert Jr, had been eagerly awaited by both hip hop lovers and music lovers from across the board. The event, which was MCd by MR. T and Othole, started on a high note with a Jam Session, steered by Dj Mfalme Krowbar who got the crowd screeming and chanting for more with his madd skills on the decks together with Dj Gee Gee who got the show started with his ill hyping skills wonder where that energy came from!

The crowd sang along to the hits by both local and international hip hopp sensations from Astar ,Lecrae,Canton Jones,Juliani jus to mention a few. Shortly there were few performances by Span 1,Eko dydda,Holy Dave and others who psyched the crowd up in preparation for the days main act! Juliani stood out with his electrifying band which I must say did justice to his songs.

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TuneDem is a Christian reggae band registered in Kenya under the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and aims to reach to young people through inspired music and other relevant evangelical activities. Kepha admits to have loved reggae music from a very early age. Growing up, his interests in music became pronounced when he began composing reggae tunes and rhymes. He later got saved and trained as a vocalist, learning to play key instruments along the way. He is a lead drummer, keyboardist and an acoustic guitarist.

He is also a music trainer and producer, and currently works with about 10 band members of diverse but complementary music skills and talents.

A Justiça Restaurativa, que tem objetivo de criar um novo conceito social de solução de conflitos, e também o Congresso Mundial de Justiça Juvenil, que será realizado em Genebra, na Suíça, entre os dias 26 e 30 de janeiro do ano que vem, pautam o Brasil Justiça desta sexta-feira (29).

In fact, it isn’t fallacious to say that he mirrors the entrepreneurship skills of rich American rappers like Jay Z and Puffy. He also has an impeccable fashion sense. I am surprised that Italian suit brand Georgio Armani hasn’t given him an endorsement yet. He always dresses like he’s going to a tycoon’s wedding or a gala. Sadly, when the conversation shifts to music, the tone has to change from complimentary to concern.

Lately, his lyrical dexterity and instinct for catchy jams appear to have deserted him. His latest track “Sababu” confirmed this to me. In an era where the best Kenyan artistes are getting no less than , YouTube views in a week or two, “Sababu” sits at just 60, yet it’s been out for close to a month. For an artiste of his stature, that’s severe underperformance.


Arts desk 02 Nov So much history was made last night!!! So much peace was in the building!!!! FillUpTheDome — Trevor Noah Trevornoah October 31, Cassper took his moment in the spotlight to tweet about the success of his second album Refiloe, about which he said:

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Check out the internets largest list of Hip Hop movies. A freestyle can be performed over a beat or acapella. Depending on who you ask, the term “Freestyle Raps” can be defined in several different ways. To come up with an improvised rap lyric “on the spot”, “coming off the top of the head” “off the dome” or as you go along, with subject matter of either a specific or random context.

Although this form of freestyle was originally known as “Off the dome” in the 80’s, later generations have adapted the meaning. The lyric can be performed over an instrumental or acapella. The lyric does not necessarily have to follow a specific rhyme scheme or bar structure, however; in freestyle battling, a rising action usually builds up to a comical, disrespectful or clever punchline that acts as a mid rhyme finale which keeps the audience entertained and on the edge of their seats.

With an audience to add to the intense live atmosphere, this ritual would evolve into the battle culture, that we see now on much larger platforms like ” KOTD ” or ” Don’t Flop Entertainment “. In the cipher, it is common to have an instrumental or a beat boxer providing a rhythm to keep the circle at a constant movement, so when one emcee chokes or finishes his bars, another will begin and continue the pace.

As part of the cypher mentality, this activity is how one gains their rep as an emcee; If you can lay down a rhyme that members of the cypher and audience can respect and dig, you gain greater credentials as an artist and climb up the communal Hip Hop ladder. A rap lyric that has been written prior to performance, yet contains some elements of the original freestyle method. This form of Freestyle allows the artist to write with or without a deliberate topic or subject of focus.

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Outkast is a hugely influential hip-hop group founded in Atlanta, Georgia in The group is made up of two rappers, Andre and Big Boi. While Big Boi is definitely a great rapper, Andre is widely regarded as one of the best to ever do it. He has a very distinct and recognizable voice, his rhymes are always very impressive, and his flow is one of my personal favorites; he can ride almost any beat with ease.

Jun 11,  · Watch video · The second half of is shaping up to be one of the hottest hip-hop tour seasons in recent memory, and Nicki Minaj just added to the excitement by announcing a slew of live dates with Future in.

Does That Make Sense? I had never been an avid follower of the group, so I wanted to see what all of the hype was about. However, the quality of this album really surprised me—it’s clear that they’re a talented group of boys. Let’s take a closer look at the album that reeled me in: What Am I To You. This is the perfect hip-hop beginning that sets the vibe for the rest of the album. Their lead single, “Danger,” is their next track.

It’s a bit confusing as to why any girl would play flakey with these guys, but it’s a perfect “I’m frustrated” song to jam out too. The versatility of each member mixes together into a perfect harmony of sound. This theme carries onto the next track, “Hormone War. They combine this with soft vocals, again treating the ears to a multiple-layered melody. The album slows down with “Let Me Know. Call me crazy, but the vocals on this track remind me of something we would hear from a vocal-heavy JYJ, showing us that this group is not only about rapping but also has immense vocal talent, as well.

The relaxed feel eases into their next track, “Rain.


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