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Encyclopedia Dramatica Facebook Meme Generator Reddit Twitter Urban Dictionary Wikipedia About The cat is a small, usually furry, domesticated, carnivorous mammal that is valued by humans for its companionship and for its ability to hunt vermin and household pests. It is currently the most popular pet in the world. Online History PIctures of cats have been shared online as early as since the days of Usenet through newsgroups like rec. The group’s FAQs were originally written in and released online in four parts over the span of nearly three years.

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Lehr While humans are unique in all Creation–in our awareness of self, of time and mortality, and of our responsibility to care for the rest of Creation–companion animals have a place of special importance. Although humans have befriended, benefited, and been benefited by many and varied species over the generations, cats, dogs, and horses stand out in their ability to bond with humans. A brief history of the domestication of cats Some experts think the cat was first tamed by BC.

The ancient Egyptians were the first people to keep cats as pets; they also worshipped cats as gods. The goddess Bastet, daughter of the sun god Ra, had a cat’s head. The Egyptians loved and worshipped her, and so loved cats. Deceased cats were mummified and given the same kind of burial as human family members. The ancient Romans, in the conquest of Egypt, brought cats home to Europe.

After a period of disfavor during the superstitious Middle Ages, cats were restored to hero status: Soon cats became protected by law. In Victorian times, cats were a favorite subject of artists and writers, and were considered part of a happy home. The healing power of cats is being used to help people in increasingly popular programs in which pets are taken to visit nursing home residents. Illustrations of dogs, dating from the Bronze Age, have been found on walls, tombs, and scrolls throughout the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Often the dogs are pictured hunting alongside their human companions.

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Find out how the cycle works and how to spot when a female is coming into season. The Heat Cycle Fertility When a female comes into “heat” or “season,” her body is preparing for breeding and the possibility of producing a litter. According to the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine , the cycle is broken into stages.

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The chemicals that are strong enough annihilate pesky insects are strong enough to harm you and your four-legged family member, too, says Miriam Rotkin-Ellman, senior scientist at environmental action group Natural Resources Defense Council NRDC. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency EPA banned many of the pesticides used in flea and tick treatments from other household uses 15 years ago, but overlooked them in pet products.

Exposure to these toxic ingredients can cause birth defects, disruption of hormones, and cancer. The most dangerous among them can have a long-term impact on young children, impairing their neurological development. Here’s what to look out for and what do use instead: Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 1 Flea and Tick Collars Getty Images Flea-fighting collars for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens often harbor toxic chemicals that can mess with your body’s hormones and even your nervous system.

The highest-risk ingredients have been linked to cancer. What to watch out for: Check the active ingredient on the label; that’s the pesticide used. Avoid anything with propoxur or tetrachlorvinphos—both have been identified by the EPA as likely carcinogens meaning there’s a strong possibility they cause cancer. Amitraz is another chemical sometimes used in flea collars. It’s a known “developmental toxicant” that can, when pregnant women are exposed to it, result in low birth weights, birth defects, and biological and psychological problems that show up as the child grows.

If it’s prevention your looking for here and not treatment for an existing flea or tick problem , chemicals aren’t necessarily needed. Use a fine-tooth flea comb on your pet daily and wash their bedding in hot, soapy water every week.

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This might be due to some change in their lives, or it could be a sign of a medical condition. Learn how to spot the signs of depression and what you can do to help your dog cope and begin feeling better. Common Signs of Depression in Dogs The signs of depression in dogs are actually similar to those experienced by people.

Many dogs can get some mild stomach or intestinal upset after eating soap, so you may see some vomiting or diarrhea. If a big chunk of soap broke off there is a small possibility that it could cause an intestinal obstruction, but this would be pretty unlikely.

This includes 7 million dogs, 7. An important issue is inappropriate feeding, which may produce clinical effects. The consumption of chocolate or grapes by dogs, for example, may prove fatal. Examples include philodendrons and Easter lilies which can cause severe kidney damage to cats [30] [31] and poinsettias , begonia , and aloe vera which can sicken or, in extreme cases, kill dogs. Overweight pets have been shown to be at a higher risk of developing diabetes, liver problems, joint pain, kidney failure, and cancer.

Lack of exercise and high-caloric diets are considered to be the primary contributors to pet obesity. In a study of 92 people hospitalized for coronary ailments, within a year 11 of the 29 patients without pets had died, compared to only 3 of the 52 patients who had pets. Pets help them to cope with the emotional issues related to their illness. They also offer physical contact with another living creature, something that is often missing in an elder’s life. The most common therapy dogs are therapeutic visitation dogs.

These dogs are household pets whose handlers take time to visit hospitals, nursing homes, detention facilities, and rehabilitation facilities.

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Dogs to some extent watch and imitate owners. Anonymous And then dogs will just sit beside you chair, slightly smiling, and quietly stare at you. Until you figure out what they want.

Funny dog sayings Funny Dogs Scary dogs Big Scary Cute Puppies CUTE DOGS Dogs and puppies I love Dogs Funny German Shepherds Forward Except in our case it was a nun walking around where we live for some reason.

January 18, iStock The word thesaurus literally means “repository” or “storehouse,” and it ultimately comes from the same root as the word treasure. There’s certainly some treasure to be unearthed in one, so in honor of Thesaurus Day, here are 25 smart-sounding synonyms to reboot your vocabulary. Thanks to the foul language of the people who worked there, the name eventually became synonymous with all coarse or abusive language.

An embranglement, likewise, is a tricky, confusing situation. It might only be a febricula that’s a light or passing fever , but nevertheless, you might need a febrifuge a drug that lowers your temperature. According to the biblical Book of Revelation, the people of Laodicea were known for their religious apathy, their fair-weather faith, and their lukewarm interest in the church—all of which prompted a pretty stern letter from St.

As a result, a Laodicean is an apathetic, indifferent, or unconcerned person when it comes to religion. Feel free to also call your most miserly friend a nip-farthing, a shut-purse, a pinch-plum, or a sharp-nose. As well as pauciloquent , people who like to keep things brief can be laconic, synoptic, or breviloquent. Derived from a Latin word meaning “who,” the quiddity of something is the very essence or nature of something, or a distinctive feature or characteristic.

As well as yesternight , there’s yesterweek, yestereve, and yestermorn.


Click here for more photos Alice Alice is a 3 year old 70 lbs, Shepherd mix that is not only stunning in looks, but also beautiful in movement. She is an intelligent girl that really enjoys learning, everything from obedience to tricks. If you like long hikes in the woods, running on the beach and other outdoor adventures Alice is your girl. Alice would love her very own fenced in back yard to stretch her long legs.

Feb 19,  · Dogs and cats are both fantastic pets. Dogs are loving and playful. Cats are clean and self-sufficient. Dogs are sometimes hyper. _____. Both are effective communicators in their own right. Writing Skills Help? D. John and Mary are dating! In the metaphor of language as a layer cake (presented in your study unit), which Status: Open.

From time to time humans have done inbreeding even from their own ancestral lines and also by mixing them from various lines. Over the centuries the whole breeding process is continuing until the present day, resulting in a huge genetically diversity of all types of dogs, breeds and hybrids, no other mammal can present. Furthermore no speciation developed, despite the appearance of a wide variation of dogs no other animal could obtain. Just compare the extreme difference between a Chihuahua and a Great Dane.

Breeds are actually categorized by a functional type from which a breed has developed. The most of the breeds are traditional breeds with a very long history, who are registered. There are some rare breeds, who have also their own registries, but some new breeds are still under development. There are even a lot of dog breeds, who are in danger to extinct. There are a few cases, where the origin of breed overlaps the frontier of two, three or more countries.

There are some dogs, who have an uncertain origin, therefore they are getting classified under several countries. There are subcategories as working dogs, companion dogs, herding dogs, guard dogs, hunting dogs and sled dogs. Working dogs are for example lapdogs, who are used as therapy dogs.

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This article is over 3 months old Cat and dog sleeping together. In a rare study, researchers set out to explore the relationships between cats and dogs that shared the same homes. They found that while cats might rightly feel the more nervous of the species, they appeared to have little trouble in asserting themselves. But despite the general picture of harmony, the survey revealed cats were by far the more antagonistic of the animals. Homeowners reported that cats were three times more likely to threaten their canine housemates than vice versa, and 10 times more likely to injure them in a fight.

Not that the dogs seemed unduly concerned:

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See Article History Alternative Title: In a more general sense, a carnivore is any animal or plant; see carnivorous plant that eats other animals, as opposed to a herbivore , which eats plants. Although the species classified in this order are basically meat eaters, a substantial number of them, especially among bears and members of the raccoon family, also feed extensively on vegetation and are thus actually omnivorous.

Canidae dogs and related species , Felidae cats , Ursidae bear s , Procyonidae raccoon s and related species , Mustelidae weasel s, badger s, otter s, and related species , Mephitidae skunk s and stink badgers , Herpestidae mongoose s , Viverridae civet s, genet s, and related species , and Hyaenidae hyena s. There are three aquatic families: Otariidae sea lion s and fur seal s , Phocidae true, or earless, seal s , and Odobenidae the walrus.

These aquatic families are referred to as pinniped s.

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